When Angels Cometh

Some people think that having conversations or discussions about the angelic realm is idiotic and serves no viable purpose. Well, It seems to me that only one part of my “Divine Life Purpose” is to continue to introduce the idea, how important it is for us to know who is helping to keep our planet buoyant. The old folks use to drum it into our heads that we need to remember who we are, but most of use either were never told of the people who came before us, or we think it has no place in modern times and it actually will serve no viable purpose for us to know or learn about them.

Didn’t your grand or great grandparents ever tell you about the stories they were told when they were young? Well, mine did! Some of it is a bit hard to remember, but I can still recall some of it, and it was about the angles who would come to the slaves when they were escaping from their master’s plantation and they were going the wrong way. There appeared a man, and sometimes a woman who just appeared in the middle of the tall grass field, and told them that they were going the wrong way.

Only the moonlight was there with them, and not knowing whether or not to trust this person, they were too afraid of getting caught; they knew that they weren’t sure there they were in all that tall grass, so they took the strangers advice. Luckily they ended up on the plantation of someone who would help them, and they eventually reached north effortlessly, and told others of the way to travel once reaching the tall grass. 818 angel number

My grand mother told me many such stories of “angles” helping to guide the slaves to the “freedom land”. But still, somehow, the stories ceased being told after some decades; once they reached up north. Otherwise, how come we forgot who we were and the help many so-called (magically appearing) strangers gave us to maneuver our way to freedom? The only thing that rings loudly in my mind about the whole story; was that they had to be angles. Some of the runaway slaves looked back, at a quick glance, to thank the person, but no one was there. The quickly kept on running.

I neglected to add that these men and women were very tall. Higher than the tall grass itself and were wearing white. This is what was told to my grandmother and yet they weren’t seen by anyone else except they person they approached; when pointing out the way home.

I honestly believe that if “angels” came to help us then, and even helped most (if not all) of the conscientious, God-fearing, folks who sheltered us too; then why is it so hard to believe that they are here now. If your faith is strong, and you remain brave and steadfast, the quicker your desires will be made manifest. I enjoy sharing what I read about the angelic realm with others.

I enjoyed reading “Angel Numbers” and “Archangels & Ascended Master” by; Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. Her books help me to remember the stories I was told long ago. I bet that more people remember stories like that, than care to admit it.

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